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Mercedes Benz has a rich background on offroaders and is well known as the maker of legendary rockcrawlers like the Unimog. The Iranian designer Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi tapped into these traditions with his Hexawheel concept vehicle.

Dehkordi’s Mercedes Hexawheel concept is a design study of an off-road vehicle that thanks to its articulated design can move on the most varied of terrains while providing an impressive amount of cargo carrying ability. Inspired by ants and various other insects that benefit from the articulated design of their body, meaning that their different body parts can move independently.
Up front, the Mercedes Hexawheel has a main seating compartment for up to three passengers. The rear storage is connected with the front via a hinged, hydraulically regulated joint. The concept vehicle employs six driven wheels on an articulated chassis with a flexible drivetrain.The Hexawheel measure nearly 16 feet long with a ground clearance of 1,5 feet, this go-anywhere concept offroadeer is designed to climb  over tall vertical surfaces.

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