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The China Dongchuan Sports Off-road 2011, one of the best mixed style offroad – cross country event was hosted by local government and China Dongchuan Auto Sports about 150 km north-east from Kunming, at the Xiao Jiang river. 

By Charnchai Petchin

This event  takes place on the first week of May since 7 years. However this year the government approved only a three-day public holiday for May Day, so lot fewer spectators followed the event compared to last years. This year’s competition course was nearly 130km longer compared to last year’s route, with a 30km special section crossing the Xiao Jiang river. The event was sanctioned by FASC (Federation Of Automobile Sport Of China).
Participants could register in 2 competition categories, the Diesel and Petrol category. Altogether 82 team from China and 2 teams from Thailand, the Chiengmai Robust Thailand Team and PTT Robust Team registered for this year’s race. Some of the Chinese teams previously competed at Paris-Dakar international cross-country rally, other at the Rainforest Challenge international 4×4 off road event in Malaysia. The overall winner of the Dongchuan offroad – cross-country event won a money prize of 100,000 yuan. This year the organizers hosted the opening ceremony of the Dongchuan off road event in front of “Century King Hotel “ in Dongchuan.
The 1st SS started at “Da Bai Ni Ghou” at the Xiao Jiang river and followed a course of about 15km from Dongchuan town. The section included a double lane track competition of about 2km which looked quite easy at the first sight however several vehicles turned over and broke down on the track.
Special Section 2  started at “Ar Wang – Tou Fu Gou” and the route covered about 70km. In the afternoon SS3 commenced at “Tou Fu Gou – Ar Wang”, with a track of another 70km featuring many tough rocky and sandy parts. The competitors had to cross deep ditches filled with water where many cars broke down. Unfortunately one co-driver was injuried and had to be transferred to the Kunming hospital.
Special Section 4 on May 3 was flagged off at “Tou Fu Gou – Teng Jing Yuan”. This section was about 60km. SS5 on the same afternoon followed the same route back from “Teng Jing Yuan – Tou Fu Gou”. This was an equally difficult rough and muddy track. Many vehicles fell victim to the small rocks, sand ravines and deep water holes. Most of the teams spent the night fixing their cars in the park ferme.
On May 4 the competitors covered Special Section 6 between “Ar Wang – Teng  Jing Yuan” and SS7 “Teng Jing Yuan – Ar Wang”, each approximately 80km long. The temperature dropped due to the rainy weather. All remaining competitors fought at full stretch plowing their way through the rough terrain.
On May 5, the competitors covered SS8 and SS9 between “Ar Wang – Kwai he” 31km and back. This was their last chance to gain a good position before reaching the last lap of the event.
Though the organizers did not manage to reserve a full week for year’s Dongchuan Sports Off-road 2011 event, over 30,000 spectators and fans followed  and cheered for their favourite teams at this fascinating and challenging five-day off road fiesta.

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