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Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with LEGO to create the biggest TECHNIC model of all time; a 2,048 piece, 1:12-scale, functioning (including a pneumatically operated crane with working gripper arm) Unimog.

LEGO Unimog U400 also features a front winch, optional snowplough and includes full suspension, differentials, a four-wheel drive chassis, a gear block for extreme ground clearance, and a detailed reproduction of the engine, accurate right down to the moving pistons!
Unimog – the Universal Motor Gerät – celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. When it was first launched, the vehicle demonstrated its incredible off-road ability to overcome some of the most challenging conditions and quickly gained an impressive reputation. To date, more than 380,000 Unimogs have been sold around the world, proving its four-wheel drive abilities are still unmatched by any other vehicle and continues to be the vehicle of choice for extreme environments.
The LEGO TECHNIC Unimog when built measures an impressive 38.6 cm from bumper to bumper and is finished in bright orange with blue bucket seats. The Unimog vehicles are truly legendary and have a real place in the hearts of both those who drive them and those who simply admire them, so this scaled-down U400 is undoubtedly the ultimate toy!”

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