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The name will change, but the Maserati sport luxury SUV concept on display at the North American International Auto Show is close to the production model.


Maserati hopes to sell about 20,000 a year of the SUV, mostly in the U.S. and China. The concept, first unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show last September, is now called the Kubang, but the vehicle will get a yet-to-be-revealed new name before it enters production.
The company said the SUV on display is generally similar to the production vehicle on the outside, though the interior will see more changes before it’s completed. The Kubang offers a fresh take on the luxury SUV, with a clean, powerful look that takes on some of Maserati’s sports car features. Details weren’t released, but the SUV will have an engine built by Ferrari, so it’s bound to pack a punch.
At the Frankfurt Auto Show in September, Maserati showed off the Kubang concept, which it said at the time it planned to start building in 2013. The SUV will be built at Chrysler’s Jefferson North assembly plant. An earlier concept of the Kubang that was shown at the auto show in Detroit in 2003 was never built.

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