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Yesterday we lost a very good old friend. Halim Abdul Rahman was one of the great Malaysian offroaders and became a legend in his own lifetime.



As a pioneer of 4×4 motorsport in Malaysia, Halim has been credited with initiating and managing various events, both locally and abroad. One of a select few with experience in almost every off-road track in Malaysia, he also represented Malaysia in the 1987 Camel Trophy (Madagascar).
Bitten by the 4×4 bug, he soon became a full-blood 4×4 fanatic. He was Honorary Secretary of 4×4 Adventure Club Kuala Lumpur in 1990’s and was instrumental to the development of offroading in the early years. He initiated 4×4 Adventure Club Kuala Lumpur (4x4ACKL) to organise Trans-Borneo 1988 and 1989. Next year he was the Expedition Leader of the Club’s Trans-Peninsula ’90 expedition.
1991, together with the Magnificent 7 in the 4×4 world, Dr Zaini, Wan Mokhtar, Captain Mokhtar, Nasaruddin Sani, Wong Siew Kee, Ghazi (pendek), he founded Asian Adventure to organise offroading events. The major event in 1991 was the Pen Challenge, which shook and opened up the Malaysian 4×4 fraternity, with commercial inputs, and elevated offroading to new heights. In 1992, Halim’s Genting Challenge attracted more than 200 fierce 4x4s making it the biggest 4×4 event that time in Malaysian history.
A Chartered Secretary by profession, Halim devoted full time to his passion of 4×4 driving. In 1999 he formed the Petronas Adventure Team. In an unending quest for adventures, he has led the team for ten years on expeditions across Asia, Africa and Europe.
Stingray, his name in the Oscar Lima Amateur Radio Group can be seen running all over now. Halim Rahman, the Malaysian 4×4 Legend, Rest in Peace, Sadly missed by the 4×4 World.

“We are privileged to have the opportunity of the expeditions to interact as well as understand the communities we meet along the journey and play a small contributory role to help meet some of these objectives” Halim Abdul Rahman, 2008


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