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Fans of Mercedes Benz will have been paying close attention to the 2012 Indian Auto Expo, where Mercedes Benz India revealed the new ML-Class SUV. Now, they can get really excited about the release of the ML-350CDI SUV which will happen in April this year.

The price of this car is expected to be around 48-50 lakh rupees, and there are high-hopes resting on its release. There will be many new developments that come with the new ML-350CDI SUV, including the fact that its style will be clearly altered. The main theme with its appearance will be curves, extending from the headlamps at the front end, all the way round to its flanks. The car will have character lines that also feature the curved design and the grille will be more subtle than before.
The 3 litre engine of the ML-350CDI SUV will be diesel, a requirement that is expected to extend throughout the whole of the ML-Class SUV range in 2012. One thing that any car fan will want to know, from those who like to look at them on the internet before playing partypoker, to those who avidly collect expensive models of the latest vehicle, is will this new SUV be more powerful than previous ML-Class versions? The answer to this question is ‘yes’, as it will be capable of producing a maximum power of 258 bhp and a peak torque of 620 nm.
There will be a 4MATIC four wheel drive system, so that the torque and power transmission will be carried through to all four wheels of the car, and it will be able to reach a top speed of 224 kph. A lot of hype is expected to surround this car, and the launch will no doubt be greatly anticipated.

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