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Elegant and cheeky, refined and charismatic, sporty and seductive, with the Urban Crossover Concept, unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show, Peugeot offers a new vision of a compact Crossover that is modern and dynamic.

For the new generation of city dwellers, the international teams from Style Peugeot in Paris, Shanghai and Sao Paulo have created a new type of vehicle, the Urban Crossover Concept. Urban by its compact design (with a length of 4.14m and a width of 1.74m), and adventurous by its athletic and sleek style.
With its great heritage in small cars (15 million units produced in the 200 series for example) and recent achievements in the Crossover segment with the success of 3008 – 368,000 units of which have been sold in the world to date), Peugeot wanted to develop this success further to create something that merged these two areas of excellence into a concept car. Urban Crossover Concept reinvents the standards of large vehicles for the small vehicle segment.

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