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As the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) reaches its 15th anniversary year, it’s a fitting tribute for it to be hosted by Malaysia’s historic state, Malacca, which has a heritage tracing back to 750 years in the 15th century. Thus this 1-10 Dec, RFC will be unleashed with a significant historical meaning attached to it.

By Luis J. A. Wee

D-Day on the morning of 1 Dec will take place in the old city of Malacca, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which will be carefully choreographed with music, songs, cultural dances showcasing multicultural Malaysia. It will be an added attraction to this tourist oriented state, in the form of extraordinary adventurers and their mighty machines paying their respect to this historical city.

After the razzmatazz flagging-off, it will be “battle stations” at the Prologue SS (Special Stages) Showtime at the nearby Klebang Beachfront (Pantai Klebang). A new sports tourism event in this form of extreme 4×4 sports plus other outdoor sports (like ATV) is now in Malacca. This spectator sports is open to the public on 1 and 2 Dec (Sat/Sun).  Due to Malacca’s close proximity to the capital of Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur is approx 148 kms away) and Singapore (approx 245 kms), a big turnout of 4×4 enthusiasts, general public and tourists is expected for this showdown of supremacy in 4×4. This is also a bonding and catching up time with 4×4 peers from the country, the region and the world, an annual international gathering of off-roaders.
The state government of Malacca is leaving no stones unturned to ensure that it’s all systems go for an exciting weekend. It is also taking steps to ensure a smoothly run operations for the entire 10 days with the full backing from the authorities, including from Malaysia Armed Forces, Royal Malaysian Police, Federal bureaus, state agencies to Fire & Rescue Brigades from the Prologue SS days to the closing ceremony on 10 Dec.
Even though the state is the third smallest in West Malaysia, it packs a lot of powerful impact not only for its historic influence but from its cultural, artistic, culinary skills and ability to create new tourist attractions, that’s why it is dubbed as Small but Big state.

After all the buzzing weekend activities in the city, the jungle stages will begin from 3 to 5 Dec with thrills and spills, starting off with the Predator section, followed by the Terminator at the Forest Reserve of Sedanan and Batang Melaka (Jasin District). Here the SS will include many natural obstacles which will test the driving, recovery and techniques of the team to the limit. When it’s all over for the day, it’s time for enjoyment and international bonding at campsites 1&2.

As in all RFC events, this year’s event will have the dreaded Twilight Zone, where heroes are made and camaraderie is as thick as the jungle humidity. This zone is strictly for the competitor groups who will go in and come out together as a team. It is not for the faint-hearted. It may not be a long track running into hundreds of km, but the 20-30 km terrain is enough to sap the mental and physical energy of the toughest and strongest 4×4 team. To get in, everyone must be fighting fit (mind/body) and well prepared machine; to get out, teamwork is compulsory. This is the place where the adage applies to the letter: “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” on 6 & 7 Dec.
Meanwhile, the main convoy and media members will regroup at the Terminator campsites along at the Forest Reserves of Senggeh. (Jasin District) on 6 to 8 Dec.

After conquering one’s fears in the Twilight Zone, it’s not “game over” yet for the competitor teams. They have to reserve their strengths and machine for the finale SS to be fought out on 9 Dec at Sg Anak Ayer Saga in the district of Alor Gajah which is open for public spectators. To be truly qualified as a 4×4 team, it’s not only how tough you are to conquer come what may, it’s also how you can strategize yourselves to come out top in endurance, skills and strategy. This finale is put in place for this purpose. Of course, Mother Nature’s weather will dictate how the events will unfold in the Twilight Zone first to see the conditions of the man and machine before initiating the finale SS.

This will take place on the night of 10 Dec in the city with the state government of Malacca. Time for bonding again, catching up on the dramas, adventure and thrills and spills and to celebrate the 15th anniversary year of the RFC.

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