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The world’s first high-speed sports amphibian – the GIBBS Quadski – will be making its debut at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Quadski_1What do you get when you cross an ATV with a Jet Ski? The dream of two visionary entrepreneurs from New Zealand, Alan Gibbs and Neil Jenkins, the high-speed amphibian is the product of millions of research dollars and years of development work in the United States, New Zealand and the UK. It will be produced at a 54,000-square-foot assembly plant in Auburn Hills, Michigan, US. “Quadski represents an investment of more than $200-million and two-million man hours of work over a period of 15 years,” said Alan Gibbs.

Quadski_5Previously, no commercially available sports amphibian on the USA market has been able to exceed 10mph on water. Gibbs patented High Speed Amphibian (HSA) Technology provides unique on-water performance, unmatched freedom on land and water, and rapid in transition. Quadski is capable of reaching speeds of 45mph on both land and water and transitions between both in five seconds. At the press of a button, the Quadski’s wheels retract after entering the water and deploy when approaching land.

Quadski_6The Quadski is equipped with a 175-horsepower BMW Motorrad engine and transmission. BMW’s four-cylinder K 1300 engine was introduced four years ago. The second generation of this inline water-cooled motorcycle engine is considered the lightest power plant in its segment and features electronic fuel injection, a double-overhead camshaft and dry-sump lubrication. Gibbs enginers has spent more than 18 months and over 75,000 work hours to pair the powertrain with the Quadski’s high-tech amphibian systems.

Quadski_4Designed to meet applicable state and federal safety requirements, the Quadski is 10.5 feet in overall length; 5.2 feet in width, and 4.3 feet in height with a wheelbase of 5.8 feet. It weighs 1,300 pounds, and is equipped with a 15-gallon fuel tank. It will be available in five colors – red, yellow, blue, silver and black, and will retail for about $40,000.

Quadski is especially designed for those who enjoy the outdoors, watersports, off-road travel, hunting and fishing. It offers buyers a combination of power, safety, comfort and versatility that has never been available before. Beside commercial use this amphibian can be deployed also by emergency and rescue teams, and the army also has demonstrated its interest.

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