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Blurring the line between Kia’s gorgeous GT concept and a luxury crossover vehicle, Kia Motors America today unveiled the beautiful Cross GT concept at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. 

Kia_Cross_GT_1Purely conceptual, the Cross GT reveals Kia’s intentions to potentially offer a larger premium SUV than the current Sorento in certain markets.
Kia_Cross_GT_2Commenting on Kia’s latest concept car, Peter Schreyer, Kia Motors Corporation President and Global Chief of Design, said: “The debut of the GT in 2011 heralded a new frontier for Kia, both from a design and a business perspective. The Cross GT, with its raised stance and large cargo area, allows us to envision the GT in the form of a full-size luxury crossover.”

Kia_Cross_GT_8While the GT’s lines were penned in Frankfurt, Germany, the Cross GT hails from Kia Design Center America (KDCA) in Irvine, California, the house that breathed life into the Track’ster, KV7 and Soul’ster concepts.

Kia_Cross_GT_5Based on the GT chassis, the Cross GT’s proportions are similar to its rear-wheel-drive stable mate with short overhangs, a long wheelbase and an aggressively wide posture. But the Cross GT offers even greater visibility thanks to its taller stature and features all-wheel drive for improved performance and all-weather capability.

Kia_Cross_GT_3The Cross GT is powered by an efficient hybrid powertrain that looks to reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint while providing the uncompromising performance that’s expected of a large, luxury crossover. Utilising a 3.8-litre V6 hybrid, 8-speed automatic and torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive, the Cross GT’s powertrain matches the sophistication of the exterior and interior designs. Supplementing the V6 is an evolution of Kia’s parallel hybrid system, a pancake-shaped electric motor positioned between the V6 and transmission. Combined, the V6 and electric motor produce 677 Nm of torque and 400 horsepower, with an all-electric range of 20 miles – sufficient to enable exhilarating performance, while delivering superior fuel economy and fuel efficiency.

Kia_Cross_GT_6At 3099 mm, the Cross GT’s wheelbase is longer than Sorento’s by 399 mm, and its overall length of 4897 mm is 213 mm greater than Sorento. The 2009 mm width is 124 mm wider than Sorento, but the Cross GT’s overall height of 1659 mm is actually 41 mm shorter, giving the concept a lower roofline than most large CUVs. It is designed to easily accommodate four passengers and their cargo in luxurious surroundings, but the large greenhouse, airy cabin and gently sloping bonnet give the Cross GT a nimble feel that’s at home in crowded urban environments.

Kia_Cross_GT_4The Cross GT’s sophisticated image is enhanced by the dual rear-hinged doors, more commonly referred to as “suicide” doors. This unique configuration allows for easy access to the rear bucket seats. The cargo compartment is accessed through a “clam shell” design that incorporates a traditional glass hatch and a tailgate.
Use of advanced LED technology creates a strong and unique lighting identity that dramatically highlights Kia’s signature grille. Letting light into the cabin is a multi-panelled sky light with hexagonal glass inserts that enhance the Cross GT’s premium design aesthetic.

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