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Subaru unveiled the “VIZIV CONCEPT” at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show. It is a future-generation crossover concept that represents the new design direction and technologies that will take the Subaru brand into the future.

Subaru_Viziv_10“VIZIV” is a coined word inspired by the phrase “Vision for Innovation” to express Subaru’s future vision of innovation and the future direction of the brand.
Subaru_Viziv_5The basic design features simple and clean surfaces and lines. The aim was to create the ideal balance between a solid-looking body and a condensed cabin.
Subaru_Viziv_8Like the exterior, the interior invokes the promise of dynamic road performance. The cockpit features an instrument panel layout designed primarily for ease of operation and vehicle control. The instrument panel displays the operation status of Subaru’s own driving assist “EyeSight” system. Custom information displays in front of the front passenger seat and in the rear seating area let passengers share the thrill of being in the driver’s seat.
Subaru_Viziv_2The powertrain is a plug-in hybrid system that combines a 2.0-litre Subaru Boxer diesel engine and high-torque-compatible Lineartronic (CVT), and two independent electric motors at the rear for vehicle drive only.
Subaru_Viziv_1The powertrain selects the best time to use each power unit according to its strengths and the driving application, achieving high fuel economy. The e-motors start and drive the vehicle during low-speed or city driving, while the diesel engine take over on the highway.
Subaru_Viziv_3Hybrid SI-DRIVE system has an “Eco-Cruise” mode that provides coordinated control in conjunction with the “EyeSight” driving assistance system in addition to “Intelligent” and “Sports” modes. The independent-rear-electric-motor-driven symmetrical AWD system provides fine-tuned control of the four wheels to match the travel environment and road surface conditions.
Subaru_Viziv_4Coordinated management system of the electric motors controls the division of drive power between the front and rear wheels. Turning the steering wheel increases the drive power applied to the rear, creating a handling characteristic that responds nimbly to driver operations. Turning the steering wheel back increases the drive power applied to the front, creating a handling characteristic that emphasizes stability. The rear drive system provides more torque to the outside rear wheel and less to the inside rear wheel when cornering to generate inner-directed yaw momentum on the vehicle and achieve extremely quick and smooth “on-the-rail cornering”. Besides helping acceleration and all-terrain performance, this groundbreaking AWD system also uses drive power to help turn the vehicle.
Subaru_Viziv_9In stop-and-go city traffic, all wheels are driven by the electric motors when starting from rest, providing high starting torque and powerful acceleration, but low fuel consumption with quiet ride.

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