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What do you get when you cross an American SUV with a luxury limousine? The answer is Carisma Auto Design’s latest and its biggest conversion to date.

Cadillac_Escalade_Carisma_4The luxury vehicles specialist has just put the finishing touches to a bespoke conversion of one of the largest SUVs on the planet – the Cadillac Escalade. The company was approached personally to deliver this Escalade project for a private client, who already owned the vehicle.

Cadillac_Escalade_Carisma_2Having been given the Carisma treatment, this iconic American truck now also boasts some of the finest English craftsmanship and materials, which have revolutionised its interior, without any clue from the outside to its secret. From start to finish, the bespoke conversion required 75 square metres of leather, 1 km of wiring, 600 electrical connections and involved 700 hours of labour. Although unseen, the ‘Carisma Escalade’ is also fully armoured, to B4 level, which is another service that the firm can provide to its customers.

Cadillac_Escalade_Carisma_3Clive Drake, Sales Director, Carisma Auto Design, said: “This has been our biggest project to date and is a great example of the range of elements we can offer in a conversion – from state-of-the-art technology, to the finest handcrafted wood and leather. No two Carisma vehicles are the same and are limited only by the customer’s imagination.”

Cadillac_Escalade_Carisma_1The specification and design of each Carisma Auto Design conversion is totally unique and no-compromise, meeting individual customer demands. Alongside its luxurious leather and deep-pile carpeting, a Carisma conversion can include on-board Window or Apple operating systems, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bang & Olufsen audio and visual equipment. Amongst some of the recent requests have been solid crystal ashtrays and champagne flutes, integrated premium pen sets with tailored housing, customised seat embroidery, 42” televisions and refrigeration units.

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