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RFC_Russia_logoThis time around, Father Frost gave way to Mother Spring rather early with good weather (5-9 degrees Celsius) across Russian western region, and with no strong wind; it was a perfect setting for the launch of a Spring Offensive “a la 4×4.”

RFC_Russia_1Thirty-three combat teams were assembled from 9 Russian regions including first-timers from St Petersburg, Tambov and Belarus joined forces with Moscow for a stunning assault at X-Arena, the battlefield for the 3rd edition of RFC Russia (West), organized by host partner Pro-X.

RFC_Russia_2“Even though the RFC format is new in Russia, but in just one year after its introduction, the event has attracted the attention of the four-wheel drive fraternities far and wide across the country,” commented Yuriy Selifonov, the Pro-X chief during the race day of Rainforest Challenge Russia held at X-Arena, just outside Moscow. “Last year, the two editions, one in Spring and the other in Autumn were launched with much attention and response by Russian off-roaders,” he added.

RFC_Russia_5With its successful introduction, RFC Russia Spring & Autumn editions are now counted as trophy raid events of the Moscow Region Cup series. Apart from its national status, the event is also the Russian chapter of RFC Global Series where the top 3 winners get their chance to join the mother event RFC in Malaysia in December.

RFC_Russia_3With sunny and favourable weather conditions attracting huge spectator crowds, the 4×4 assault teams had a stunning show-off day in the 15 challenging Special Stages (SS) all carefully planned and designed by Pro-X track master, Alexey Menshinin, who was with the RFC mother event back in 2011.

RFC_Russia_4“The plan is to give the participating teams a similar taste of what it will be like when facing the awesome jungle terrain in Malaysia, minus the monsoon,” said Alexey. “It takes that special kind of mental strength to go through day and night under the rain and mud,” added Arkady Aronov, the Pro- X team manager who was with the Russian 4×4 storm troopers in RFC 2013. “And, in the Twilight Zone, it’s anything goes, so both man and machine must be well prepared,” he added. “And so, over here, the SS test their mental and machine strength to the fullest,” summed up Alexey.

RFC_Russia_7The battlefield for the SS were laid out from the easiest to the most difficult ones, giving equal chances for the teams as they progressively tackled them in order. Thus, from the twisting and turning speed sections along the undulating tracks to vertical ascends; and from the water obstacles to the heavy duty winching exercises across ravines, the race teams were tested for their driving and recovery skills to the maximum.

RFC_Russia_6At the end of an exhausting but satisfying day, it was all thumbs up from the 4×4 combatants who came to have a piece of the RFC experience, and they got a full blast action. The general public too had a good time, watching the race teams in the thick of the action from easily accessible viewing points, specially laid out at X-Arena.

RFC_Russia_8With such dramatic action all around, both man and machine had plenty to show to the audience with spectacular rollovers, broken parts, human skills, ingenuity and spirit to get up and get going at all costs to reach the finishing line. It was a spectacular field day for the combatant teams and the supportive spectators. The teams had proven and shown their worth as “warrior breed” who can take on whatever the odds, good fighting spirit and camaraderie – all characteristic traits required for the mother event Rainforest Challenge.

RFC_Russia_9Even though the top three deserved to be at the podium and the right of entry to the mother event RFC this coming end November; in Malaysia; however, the satisfaction from the faces of all the participants was plain to see. Bring it on again, for the next round in Autumn season!


LIGHT Category
1. Lyamenkov Pavel – Korneev Andrey / Moscow, Russia
2. Smirnov Sergey – Gavrikov Alexander / Schelkovo, Moscow Region, Russia
3. Izotov Igor – Malyshev Alexey / Moscow/Tver, Russia

MEDIUM Category
1. Kolembet Alexander – Kolembet Sergey / Moscow, Russia
2. Shanturin Vladimir – Isaev Stanislav / Torzhok/Tver, Russia
3. Protopopov Alexander – Protopopov Alexey / Moscow, Russia

HARD category
1. Gibaev Vadim – Vasin Nikita / Odintsovo, Moscow Region, Russia
2. Kozlov Oleg – Kozlova Elcvira / Kolomna, Moscow Region, Russia
3. Sokolov ALexander – Nad’kin Alexander / Moscow, Russia

АTV category
1. Gridnev Andrey / Lobnya, Moscow Region, Russia
2. Rybin Alexey / Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia
3. Golovchenko ALexander / Korolyov, Moscow Region, Russia

Special Awards
Bochkov Vladislav – Kriventsov Dmitry / Lada Niva, Tambov, Russia
Tumanov Artur – Tumanov Stepan / Jeep Wrangler, Minsk, Belarus
Bogachev Denis – Bogachev Pavel / Toyota, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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