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Suzuki unveils its world-premier concept model, the iM-4 at the 85th Geneva Motor Show, as a vision for a new compact 4×4.

Suzuki_IM4_1The iM-4 is a personal vehicle that opens up new possibilities and new ways to have fun. Packaged in a simple yet iconic design, it offers reliable performance rooted in the Suzuki 4×4 tradition coupled with the latest fuel-saving technology.

With its 4WD system, high minimum ground clearance, and high hip point, the iM-4 is designed to be a credible partner in snow and on unpaved roads. It has a user-friendly interior and luggage area, and also incorporates cutting-edge technology with a new-generation platform and SHVS mild hybrid system, which deliver excellent fuel consumption with low CO2 emissions.

Suzuki_IM4_2The unique and minimalist body consists of plain surfaces and round roof, with straight, architectonic lines. The large-diameter 18-inch wheels jutting out at the four corners firmly support the body and hint at the car’s power and muscular performance.

Suzuki_IM4_5The SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki), Suzuki’s new mild hybrid system incorporating an ISG (integrated starter generator), provides engine power assistance using the motor and achieves efficient power regeneration. The SHVS system used for the iM-4 also features lithium-ion batteries. Coupled with a newly developed high-efficiency ISG, this regenerative braking system is the perfect hybrid system for a compact car. As well as improving fuel efficiency, it also keeps down the size, weight, and cost.

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