Laszlo Gog, Founder and Publisher

4×4 Magazine is South East Asia’s leading English language off-road and SUV publication, unrivalled in production quality, images, local and international content, exclusive scoops and sensational features.
4×4 Magazine targets the SUV, 4WD, off-road and pick-up owners and enthusiasts in South East Asia. Our subject includes new vehicle and product news and reviews, vehicle testing, 4WD travel, historical and technical features, as well off-road racing. Originally launched in 1996, 4×4 Magazine is now published in 4 languages and sold in 8 countries in Europe and in Asia. The 4×4 Magazine SEA is published in Malaysia since 2008, and is available also in Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. We are confident that other countries of the region will soon join the family of our readers.
The 4×4 Magazine SEA is a thoroughbred international magazine spiced up with Asian flavor. Based on an extensive network of international contacts, it features many original reports and stories worldwide, from the United States to Japan, from Russia to Australia, not to mention major European events.
The comprehensive international content and professional layout combined with authentic local content creates the leading English-language 4×4 magazine of South-East Asia. This magazine distinguishes itself from other high-priced overseas imported magazines by taking the local conditions of the target countries into account and by offering satisfactory solutions to their needs: World-class quality for a locally acceptable price.