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As a compact SUV pioneer, Suzuki introduces at the 65th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show the iV-4, a concept model that embodies a new automotive idea: the personal compact SUV.

Suzuki_iV-4_1This concept model is designed to be personalised, so that customers can turn it into a car, which is just right for them and their lifestyle. “i” stands for “individuality”, “V” for “vehicle”, and “4” for “4 wheel-drive”. Under the “Grab your field” concept, iV-4 is heir to Suzuki’s DNA in sports utility vehicles. It’s set apart by its powerful exterior design, which taps into the tradition of Suzuki’s compact SUVs. And it’s every bit as tough and rugged as an SUV should be, truly empowering its user to “Grab your field”.

The design is faithful to Suzuki’s traditional SUV design – straight, sleek lines, clamshell hood, five-slotted front grille – yet with a futuristic feel imparted by touches such as the distinctive kicked-up character lines on the sides, the fog light with built-in laser sensor on the roof, and the illuminated grille. Large-diameter tyres and wheel design give a foretaste of the powerful road performance of an SUV.

The production model based on the iV-4 aims to be an SUV for the present day: light in weight and boasting among the lowest CO2 emissions in its class. And besides being eco-friendly, the four-wheel drive model will come equipped with ALLGRIP, the next generation of 4WD technology, in order to deliver the powerful drive the user expect of an SUV.

Suzuki_iV-4_2Suzuki will start launching the production model, based on this iV-4 concept model, at Magyar Suzuki, Hungary in 2015 and will be releasing it in Europe.

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