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Even though the “mother event” grand final Rainforest Challenge (RFC) has always been held in Malaysia at end of the year; but there has never been an edition in home country for national aspirants vying for a place in the final, until June this year. Thus, on 21-25 June, RFC Malaysia Trophy made its debut in state of Negeri Sembilan.

Story by Luis J. A. Wee
Photos by Ruddiee Khaw

RFC_NS_1The local host partner selected to organize this event was none other than 4×4 Adventure Club of Kuala Lumpur (ACKL). It was appropriate too as ACKL is the oldest established 4×4 club stretching back 27 years. It’s also the club where most of the Malaysian icons in 4×4 came from.

RFC_NS_2The state government of Negeri Sembilan will be hosting the mother event RFC this coming 29 Nov – 8 Dec and thus, used this event as a warming up preparation for the grand finale. It was rock and roll time at the launch of D-Day of 21 June at Kuala Klawang (Jelebu district) with a massive display of the ground forces from 460 4x4s which was then escorted by the Royal Malaysian Police to the Prologue Special Stages (SS) held at IJM Land next to Mydin Mall at Seremban2 township for two days of off-road action followed by another three days of jungle stages.

RFC_NS_3Sprucing up the carnival atmosphere were 50 booths hosting 4×4 accessories, services and off-road machines, RFC experience zone (SUV driving), Auto Diff Locker (ADL) demonstration, off-road training school, circuit time-trial challenge, 4×4 fun challenge, best equipped 4×4 contest, best overland equipped contest, most outstanding 4×4 vehicle contest and lucky draws for the whole family.

RFC_NS_6Apart from its razzmatazz mood, it was a really hot weekend with blistering tropical heat, sunny spells and including hazy conditions during the two days. Hats off to the newcomers in the production class of some 80 entries – many of whom coming from the RFC Supporters Convoy, for braving the heat, dry and dusty conditions and showing a fighting spirit like no other. For these newcomers, it was a great learning time to engage the four-wheel mechanism and seeing how their vehicle transformed from normal driving to conquering off-road terrain.

RFC_NS_4For the upgraded / modified categories (RFC Open Class and Clubman Open Class), there were made to work hardest in the 9 SS at the Prologue, but which they relished every minute of the action. For all the three classes, it was a memorable rock and roll time for dust and glory weekend as the teams maneuvered through the undulating obstacles under the immensely hot sun.

RFC_NS_5For the production class entries, it was a big relief as the weekend action came to a close. However, for the national aspirants vying for their place in the grand final, the action continued into the jungle stages of the Predator and Terminator (23 and 24 June) at the campsite of Lata Kijang (Jelebu district).

RFC_NS_8Away from the hot and dusty Prologue, the scene changed dramatically with crystal clear river, waterfall and untamed terrain. Another 9 SS fought along the wild natural terrain again drained and sapped the energy of the modified category. However, a major consolation was a rewarding time to unwind in the cool riverside camp with crispy fresh jungle air to reinvigorate those tired minds, muscles and bones.

RFC_NS_10The campsite here at Lata Kijang will also be used in the grand final RFC in Nov as the staging area for entry to the Twilight Zone (TZ). This region is one of the most untamed and thrilling off-road terrain in Malaysia.

RFC_NS_9For the finalists in this Malaysian edition of RFC, the days of 21-25 June were hard fought battles of wits, strategy, driving and recovery action but well worth the sweat and pain. At prize giving time at Mydin Mall in Seremban2, both the participants and the State Government of NS (through its Tourism Board) gained the most for putting up a great show of 4×4 action befitting the prestige of the RFC.

RFC_NS_11Come this 29 Nov – 8 Dec, expect an unforgettable experience from our new host state renowned for its hospitality with an awesome terrain like no other.


RFC Open Class
1. Denis Stepanenko / David Stewart
2. Ng Chee Wai / Antadir Mohd Zain
3. Li Pak Sau / Soe Moe Zaw

Clubman Open Class
1. Redzuan bin Kihi / Mustafa Majid
2. Wan Rohaizad / Fadzrul Azman
3. Datin Maslina Ibrahim / Firdaus Ilham

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